Why You Need To Insure Your Cannabis & Hemp Products

Written by Tyler Cline

September 25, 2019

Cannabis Insurance Business is here to insure all of your cannabis and hemp products against loss

So, why do you need to ensure your cannabis and hemp products?

It is important to insure your product’s liability in the realm of CBD and THC. Whether your a dispensary needing insurance or a CBD company selling CBD products. Insurance can mitigate loss and open up vast opportunities for sales.

With Cannabis Insurance Business we can insure your general liability, product liability, tenants or commercial property insurance including but not limited to; lab, testing, and extraction equipment insurance, inventory, crop insurance for indoor and greenhouse flower from seed to sale. We can also insure your worker’s comp for cannabis-based employees and workers, loss of income, transportation insurance, life insurance, professional liability, you name it.

Insurance can provide the opportunity to open up new sales channels with companies that want in on the action and have a pre-existing client basis. Companies don’t want to sell CBD or THC based products without the product being insured as they pick up exposure for consumer loss by selling the product line.

 If you have products liability insurance in place you can ensure that they can sell your products with peace of mind knowing the product itself is in fact insured.

What might this cover? This will cover consumer claims or losses against the product and company. Most general liability and products liability will carry a 1 million dollar limit that will kick in when coverage is triggered. General Liability and Products Liability is the first place to start.

The Cannabis Insurance Business provides a team and inside resource from the industry itself as we are also business owners in the space. We speak the same language and understand the industries of both medical/recreational insurance as well as industrial hemp insurance. Colorado-based and pushing the industry further one step and state at a time. Proudly serving all 50 states.

Contact Cannabis Insurance Business or call 720-999-3345 to start protecting your investments today!

Pushing the industry further one step and state at a time. Proudly serving all 50 states. – Cannabis Insurance Business of Loveland Colorado

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