Why Choose Cannabis Insurance Business?

Written by Tyler Cline

July 25, 2022

Can you insure THC & CBD edibles; gummies, chocolates, and more?

Why Choose Cannabis Insurance Business to protect your investments?

About our founder, Tyler Cline, Cannabis Insurance Agent In Colorado

One of the first dedicated Cannabis related insurance agents in CO.

Tyler’s goal was to get to the top in insurance on his own without any middle means where he could have something to call his own, which he has accomplished.

Recently chosen and featured in Independent Agent Magazine as one of the up-and-coming agencies of 2022 in Cannabis (“on the front lines of Cannabis”), where he points out some of the market challenges in writing Cannabis related policy forms. He truly is an expert in Cannabis and insurance.

Cannabis Insurance Business worked with a reputable lender to meet insurance requirements for a loan and insured to drop a 10MM loan that went into buying out a large corporation that is now one of Colorado’s leading producers of cannabis flower in the state of CO. 

Tyler’s willingness and eagerness to write hard-to-place business makes him stand out from the average agent.

Not even 30 yet and runs and owns his own agency now for 5 years successfully growing every year. Tyler has helped programs shape their process to make it easier for the Agents and insureds to place business and bridged a gap with many carriers and wholesale companies to understand the cannabis field of operations. Tyler is an educator.

Tyler has grown Cannabis Insurance Business aprox. 50% each year since being in business, there has not been one year of setbacks in production since starting CIB National. Tyler has turned his Colorado Agency into a National brand and presence that is known in every legal state. Tyler has worked with some of the most known and reputable brands and companies in cannabis with a focus on boutique companies that have a history and longevity in cannabis.

CIB has also secured a 1.7MM claims payout for a client who underwent theft which is one of the largest claims payouts known to date in the industry. This was a huge accomplishment and Tyler saved his insureds from going out of business.

Much more than just cannabis insurance.

He also owns Rare Cannabis Co an edible company, has operated Marijuana Infused Product facilities in Denver, and is working on a safe weed killer as he is a student and graduate in Environmental Sustainability.

Caring much more about making the world a better place than any other aspect of his career path, it shows in his demeanor and character. Tyler is a leader in the space of insurance driven by the passion for the industries he wants to back and further. His next goal is to grow the agency beyond what he could have ever imagined possible, by building a team to come, that will be driven by knowledge and passion. Or by merging into a larger group where he can get the back-end support to allow his company to grow to its true potential.

He has been through some of the largest claims scenarios and legalities where he has proven to write good business and keep carriers accountable as well as his insureds. There is no better nominee in between carriers and insureds relations than someone like Tyler who is a solider on the front lines of cannabis. One of the most profound Agencies and Agents in the space today. I would put him up against the best because he is one of the best in his arena!

Ready to learn more about insuring your cannabis & hemp products? Then contact us at (720) 999-3345 or at info@CannabisInsuranceBusiness.com. You can also learn more about CIB at https://cannabisinsurancebusiness.com/about

Colorado-based and pushing the industry further one step and state at a time. Proudly serving all 50 states.

Contact Cannabis Insurance Business or call 720-999-3345 to start protecting your investments today!

Pushing the industry further one step and state at a time. Proudly serving all 50 states. – Cannabis Insurance Business of Loveland Colorado

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