Who Is Behind Cannabis Insurance Business

Written by Tyler Cline

December 28, 2020

Being 1 of 7 kids growing up was quite an experience. As an older brother (second eldest) I had a lot of responsibility on my shoulders and had to take lead early. We all went to school together, rode the bus together, we did everything together, it was awesome and I miss it looking back. Although we did fight like crazy, as you could imagine. This is where I learned the essence of a team. My family is like the Brady Bunch of its own if you will.

It wasn’t always like that; I grew up in the front range of Colorado which I believe to be the luckiest place anyone could have asked to be born. I am very proud to be a Colorado Native. My parents divorced when I was young, which brought me a new family setting. They all live in Georgia/ Florida now (my mom, stepdad, and siblings + an array of nieces and nephews that refer to me as Funky Uncky) while my Dad and I have stuck to our roots in Colorado. Nothing beats Colorado or the Rocky Mountains in my book. It took me going away and coming back to realize this.

Not many people can say they have lived in Colorado, Deep Southern Georgia, and Florida like I have experienced. I am very cultured and have traveled across the United States and been to most states, as well as most Caribbean Islands, Central America, and Mexico. Interestingly enough; I am not a huge fan of travel, but find myself doing it anyway, my significant other loves to coax me into trips. I would take a powder day snowboarding over a sunny day on the beach any day. But you win some you lose some!

I attended Colorado State University, where I met the love of my life and soon to be wife, at a red rocks concert prior to moving to Fort Collins, where she magically happened to live there too. Couldn’t have been more perfect. She is the yin to my yang. We relocated to Loveland Colorado “ The Land of Love” where we bought our first home and I had the opportunity to start my own Businesses.

This is a story in and of its own and was the hardest thing thus far I have ever had to do. Breaking into my career I realized I was different, that I didn’t want to play pretend and follow but change the game and lead. I didn’t care how funny or off I looked doing it, believe me, you could ask anyone. After 3 rounds of attempting insurance sales with various companies (3) to be exact, I finally hit that fork in the road. In order for me to be the boss, I had to provide my own income.

I’ll remember the night I took this leap of faith and waking up the next morning with a mortgage and responsibilities that I had to take care of regardless and no guaranteed income. I continued to sell insurance because it’s what I knew but also started selling cannabis products in the CBD/Hemp boom and then soon into the THC space as well to stay afloat. I conjoined my experiences with insurance with my love and passion for Cannabis and launched Cannabis Insurance Business.

My Uncle Rick had a lot to do with this opportunity and I am deeply thankful for his love and guidance to put me in the position to do so, he was one of the first in the country to do this while I was still attending college. He has always been someone I have looked up to and am honored to follow in his footsteps. I wouldn’t be here without my family and my team.

This is where you find me today extending my passion for cannabis-related companies and clients thereof. To me, a company having a relationship with their client means everything. My motto is that I am here for you and happy to help! Let me or a member of our team know how we can do so. Would love to learn a little more about you and how your business came to be! Thanks for taking the time to learn a little bit about us and how Cannabis Insurance Business came to be!

-Tyler Cline

Founder of Cannabis Insurance Business

Ready to learn more about insuring your cannabis & hemp products? Then contact us at (720) 999-3345 or at info@CannabisInsuranceBusiness.com. You can also learn more about CIB at https://cannabisinsurancebusiness.com/about

Colorado-based and pushing the industry further one step and state at a time. Proudly serving all 50 states.

Contact Cannabis Insurance Business or call 720-999-3345 to start protecting your investments today!

Pushing the industry further one step and state at a time. Proudly serving all 50 states. – Cannabis Insurance Business of Loveland Colorado

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