Can you insure THC & CBD edibles; gummies, chocolates, and more?

Written by Tyler Cline

May 18, 2022

Can you insure THC & CBD edibles; gummies, chocolates, and more?

Can you insure THC & CBD edibles?

THC and CBD edibles have spiked in sales drastically over the recent years.

A lot of people ask us if they can insure their THC & CBD edibles against loss – basically, everything you sell that is “edible”. Consisting of, but not limited to products such as infused; gummies, chocolates, Stroop waffles, bonbons, sour candies, hard candies, suckers, sodas, ice creams, drinks, and baked goods.

Edibles are a go-to product approach for so many people, for a wide range of reasons. Consumers love edibles! Gummies, chocolate, and confection-style products are the #1 direct-to-consumer products that we insure. As they provide relief without the non-healthy aspect of smoking or inhaling and no smell, convenience, and discretion.

When business owners are learning about cannabis insurance and insuring their assets they often ask us if they need insurance around their products and what types. Which oftentimes consist of, but are not limited to, edibles, especially when coming down to e-commerce, wholesale, and retail.

Whether a recreational or medical dispensary; edible insurance (also known as products liability insurance) is there for you! It is important you get insurance for your edible line or brand. The product is intended to be ingested by an end-use consumer with unknown outcomes or side effects.

I am sure we have all had an experience that turned into a bad trip while using edibles! 

As your guide to all things related to cannabis insurance, I’m here for you.

Here are my top ways and reasons why you may want to insure your THC & CBD edibles.

1. Who needs “edible” insurance?

Business owners, brands, Licensed operators in cannabis, Recreational or medical dispensaries and MIPs, extraction labs and kitchens. Edible manufacturers, chocolatiers, e-commerce, and distributors. Anyone in the chain of custody making or selling edibles.

2. Why you need insurance for your THC & CBD edibles:

To protect your business and end-use consumer in regards to using your products. To prevent lawsuits and bankruptcy over a loss that can be resolved with insurance. To seal contracts to sell products on shelves; any retail vendor will validate or should validate this.

3. What it covers to protect your investments:

Covers liabilities in regards to loss overuse of the product. Also known as “Products Liability”. This can be bodily injury and allergic reactions, labeling errors or misuse, product defect or withdrawal, this covers the end-use consumer and company for losses.

Be wary as a lot of policy forms are limited as to what they will cover in a claims scenario. We have leveraged all applicable options to have the most comprehensive options the market offers at this time.

4. How this is beneficial to you:

Protect your company from bankruptcy, lawsuit, reputation, a consumer directly, health defects, and medical bills. This essentially will prove and show the credibility and professionalism of your business. It also shows the intent to protect their clients who are end-use consumers.

Insurance shows the duty to protect vendors and retailers that also engage in selling your products so they are willing to sell your brand. At the end of the day, the most important thing is the safety of the consumer engaging with your edibles, etc. That is where the edibles or infused products insurance comes in known as Products Liability.

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