Can You Insure Delta 8 THC?

Written by Tyler Cline

March 2, 2021

Delta 8 THC seems to be the new wave in 2021 for the industrial hemp realm.

Delta 8 THC is not alone as THCV and Delta 10 are right behind, sure to follow. It is hard to go unnoticed. You will now see Delta 8 THC and other THC variances being sold in places that you would never expect, such as gas stations, grocery stores, and even in states with no recreational or medical systems. You can find it even in other places around the world that have never seen a legal means of accessing THC. How can we make sense of that? Surprisingly enough this is all coming from hemp and following the CBD craze pre-set by the industrial hemp market.

This trend is making a National and Global impact. In fact, hemp does produce psychoactive components as well and you can captivate any cannabinoid from hemp that is found out of a THC dominant REC/MED plant. Selective breeding and regulation has been the only separation of these industries, at the end of the day, Cannabis is Cannabis. I predict these industries (CBD/THC) merging together and this trend pushing National Legalization for Cannabis in the U.S. which has been a long time coming. But! only time will tell!

Where does Delta 8 THC come from? These cannabinoids are all obtained by taking a cannabinoid pathway called conversion. There are so little amounts of these cannabinoids found such as THCV, Delta 8, or Delta 10 that conversion becomes necessary. We saw this trend hit hard with CBN as that was one of the first accepted and exclusive cannabinoids to take this approach and go to market. With great success, these other minors gained value and followed.

Research indicates this trend continuing to grow rapidly. Ironically this cannabinoid Delta 8 THC/THC-V/Delta 10 THC is primarily and directly coming from the CBD and Hemp industry; even with subtle psychoactive effects. Which is ironic as now the hemp and CBD industry has a means of getting people subtly “high” too!

Which in the past it boasted a non-psychoactive relief approach. But like many industries, things change and take a turn. The consumer plays a key role in this as well. Remember when hemp started as a fiber and material means approach and took a turn towards CBD?

There appears to be a wave of consumers following Delta 8 THC too, as there are still states with no recreational or medical system for access. This provides means for them to self-medicate or recreationalize using online National distribution means. Most are saying goodbye to the neighborhood dealer or no longer taken advantage of at the dispensary which often puts overhead costs onto consumers that are caused by high costs of operation and regulation.

Delta 8 THC is far less expensive than the standard Delta 9 THC. Reddit has blown up with the Delta 8 community just like wall street bets has! Are people taking things into their own hands? I think so!

From the findings available Delta 8 THC offers a more powerful psychoactive feel than its other friend CBD but less than that of Delta 9 THC. A lot of people are saying Delta 8 THC is the next best thing. As there are less negative side effects than that of Delta 9 THC which is proven to be more psychoactive. In essence Delta 8 THC seems to be a happy median between CBD and Delta 9 THC that consumers are raving about worldwide.

There are many reasons behind this trend. In the short; CBD has flooded the market, where prices have dropped drastically. We see a lot of companies consolidating, taking less profit margin, or selling out to cut losses. Interestingly enough being hemp derived is still applicable in the mention of Delta 8. People have found a way to use the surplus of CBD and compete with the big dollar THC REC and MED companies across the U.S. Something must keep the CBD industry afloat which has taken its hardest blow we have seen yet. This seems to be the answer for the here and now. The race has begun! 

Delta 8 THC is the latest and greatest coming out of the hemp and CBD world.

We went from CBD oil (full spectrum) to CBD Isolate (Pure CBD) Broad Spectrum (THC FREE NON-DETECT) CBG, CBN, CBC, and now here we are with Delta 8 THC, THCV, and Delta 10. Many people in this niche time are turning to Delta 8 THC, as a means of company survival, The craze is real! The rush for compliant D8 has swept the Nation with a below .3% Delta 9 THC content, The DEA has gotten involved with DEA registered testing labs to give their “stamp of approval”.

Many have called this a loophole and have prevented themselves and their companies from participating as we have a very grey area around Delta 8 THC at this time; I am sure the average person and lawmakers had no idea this was coming and how this was going to play out. But like anything else in the industry of cannabis, this is everchanging and we must keep up with the times.

We’ve all heard the term “futures market” here we are folks! Along with the consumer trends and what consumers want. For example; Remember when hard seltzers came in and took the market by surprise as consumers hopped on board one after another and left the beer and their beer gut behind? Yep, this is happening in cannabis with Delta 8 THC and other THC variances right now. All aboard!

Well now that you have been briefed on where we find ourselves with Delta 8 THC and the other THC variances to come what’s next?

The most important thing to consider is consumer safety. You should first ask for a FULL Panel COA that includes toxicological, heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents (most importantly), and anything else you can be provided. Make sure it is under .3% Delta 9 THC as well for legality you don’t want to be an example in the midst of the craze.
You will also want to ask for the Certificate of Insurance showing or stating that the Delta 8 THC is covered. Why this is important is it checks the reliability from the company your sourcing from. If there is no product liability in place for the Delta 8 THC then if you/someone suffered a physical loss or direct loss of your health or wellness there is no coverage. It will come down to you personally suing them and the point the finger game begins. Not where you want to find yourself and yes it does happen, unfortunately.

By having product liability insurance in place for this it protects all parties at play and provides peace of mind if a consumer suffered a loss. There is coverage if anyone got sued that pays out so you don’t lose everything including the right to participate. If you are a company dealing with Delta 8 THC this coverage is for you!

Delta 8 THC, THCV, and Delta 10 THC are insurable! YES! Most people are overlooking or trying to hide their dealings with Delta 8 and these THC variances as these companies have been smacked around for any dealings with THC in the past. I can’t stress enough how important it is to insure your delta 8 THC products or any other THC variances. Insuring Delta 8 THC is just as easy as insuring CBD.

Cannabis Insurance Business is proudly insuring all Delta 8 THC products, Delta 9 THC, Delta 10 THC, THCV, and any other THC variances. We can insure any applicable cannabinoid at this time. We understand and keep up with the industry as we are hands-on and work in the industry in real time ourselves. We are one of you!

Any lab manufacturing/converting, distribution chains, wholesalers, white-label or retail (gas stations, grocery stores included too) can pick up insurance for these Delta 8 and THC products. This is extremely important for the well-being of your company and more than anything again the consumer’s safety. We have many options to choose from. This is subject to each account and at the carrier’s discretion. This is also something that may not impact premium in some cases or will increase in others. Each account bears a different risk that will be taken into consideration.

If you already have a policy in place odds are your Agent has no idea what Delta 8 THC is, it is your duty to update the insurance company to protect and provide coverage for these changes. You don’t want to be caught sleeping or made an example of negligence meaning you failed to take steps or measures to prevent loss or add this exposure in this case. Which you are responsible and liable for any dealings with the product and consumer’s safety which is the primary thing to take away as Consumer Safety. The #1 key.

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