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Losses occur and accidents happen. It’s unavoidable. What you can do is protect yourself, your business, and your investments against loss.

Cannabis Insurance Business Protects Against:

  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Lost crop
  • Workers Comp.
  • Other losses

Dispensary Insurance

Protect your property, inventory, liability, and loss of income in the event of a loss.

Lab Insurance

Testing of cannabis, hemp & CBD products is crucial to high-quality and safe products. Insure your lab against loss.

Manufacturing Insurance

Protect your business from manufacturing physical loss and liability in the event of a loss.

Transport Insurance

Transporting cannabis can involve risks at all stages from grow to extraction to dispensary.

Cannabis Grow Insurance

Protect your plants, grow equipment, facility, and income if a catastrophic loss were to occur.

Hemp & CBD Insurance

We insure all stages of growing, extracting, wholesale, and retail hemp and CBD products.

Get insight on how insurance benefits everyone in cannabis industry.

A grow house of information about insurance for your cannabis, CBD, or hemp business.

What’s the worst that could happen?

Insurance protects you and your investments against loss. Why risk it? Get a free quote now.

Though the legal cannabis industry is fairly new. The growth and demand for cannabis, hemp & CBD products are at an all-time HIGH!

Now is the time to protect your investments and grow your business.


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U.S. Cannabis Industry Growth in 2020

"If only we had insurance..."

We’ve heard it so many times before. Don’t lose your investment!

As an emerging industry, there are many options to insure your cannabis products. What makes CIB the right choice is the knowledge and passion we have to see your business and the industry as a whole grow to new heights.

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Client Testimonials

“Cannabis Insurance Business is an agency like no other with true market knowledge and concern for the insured. Tyler is a great agent who not only understands the ever-changing insurance industry but also understands the insureds’ product and risk.”

Isabella R.

“I can not say enough positives things about Cannabis Insurance Business. Tyler, the owner, and CEO is extremely bright and hard-working not to mention one of the most ethical and respectful people in the business. Both an incredible person and businessman Tyler provides a 1st class experience that is second to none in the industry.”

Duncan S.

Cannabis Insurance Business of Colorado

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